S-K Measuring System

Simple, repeatable and accurate measurement.

Now anyone can measure inside and outside diameters to within .0001 inches or “a tenth”!

For measuring bearing O.D.’s

For measuring bearing I.D.’s

Combining the repeatable and accurate system that Shaver-Kudell has developed with on site training of the measuring system your shop will notice these benefits right away:

-Less time spent measuring

-Fewer mistakes made during machining resulting in remachining (eg. overcutting)

-Fewer bad fits

-Less time training new employees on how to measure properly

-Customers can trust that their motors are being checked and machined accurately

-Stop warranty jobs from coming back by using our customized documentation system that goes to your customer with the motor

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For more information call: 1-800-267-8503

Or e-mail: sales@shaverkudell.ca

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