Steel Shaft Repair EZE-Sleeve® Information and Installation Instructions

General Information:

Steel Shaft Repair EZE-Sleeves® are made from SAE 1020 steel with a Rockwell B84 hardness.  They are environmentally safe, precision bored on the inside and show excellent resistance against normal stress exerted on it by the bearing surface.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Chuck and indicate the rotor in the lathe.
  2. If necessary, use steady rest to true-up center hole in shaft: then use live center.
  3. Make a drawing of the bearing surface dimensions (diameter and length) and of the seal surface if it has to be machined also.
  4. Machine shaft to a diameter .002 larger than the I.D. of the sleeve.
  5. Heat the sleeve and shrink fit it on the shaft.
  6. Machine the portion of the sleeve over the seal area to the bearing dimension.
  7. Then machine the bearing surface.
  8. Machine the seal area to the original diameter.
  9. Chamfer any sharp corners.
  10. Polish sleeve with fine emery cloth to obtain exact dimensions and good surface finish.
  11. The shaft is now ready for assembly.

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