EZE-Fan® and EZE-Hub®

Quick and EZE. Cost Saving, Time Saving, Eze-Fan®

Available in Die Cast Aluminum or Plastic

Eze-Fans® are available in both flat back and regular styles. These fans are designed to accomodate all your replacement fan needs.

All our fans are made to be assembled using the Eze-Hub®. These hubs are taper locked upon assembly and allow for installation and removal without any damage to the fan or shaft. The hubs can be bought separately and are available in a variety of metric or standard bore sizes to satisfy your customers needs.

Each size and style of fan will fit many interchangeable bore sizes. This will keep your inventory to a minimum.

All fans and standard bore sizes are in stock at our facility and are ready to ship the same day.

Custom bore sizes are also available at your request.

Our fans are aluminum die cast or plastic injection molded and are manufactured at our facility.

 Plastic EZE-Fan® Advantages:

– New taper lock hubs for easy installation
– Allows for removal and replacement without damage to fan
– Top grade plastic eliminates brittleness
– Will not slip on shaft and melt

Aluminum EZE-Fan® Advantages:
– Completely machined with new taper lock hubs
– new design allows for removal and replacement without damage to the fan
– Gives rebuilt and new motors higher energy efficiency and better cooling
– Stronger and lighter than sand cast fans
– More durable than plastic fans
– Excellent surface finish (due to the nature of die casting)

Check the technical drawing sheets to see if an EZE-Fan® can be used in your repair:

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