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Eze-Sleeve®: Shaft and bearing housing repair sleeves. Readily available in custom sizes as well as cast iron, steel and insulated.

Eze-TBox®: Aluminum die cast, cast iron or  plastic replacement terminal boxes suit most common motors from 5-500 hp.

Eze-Fan® & Eze-Hub®: Aluminum die cast or plastic replacement fans are available from 2-1/2″ to 24″ diameter.

Eze-Sleever®: An incredible advancement in machine tool needs. Truly unique and cost saving. Are you still sleeving your housings the old way?

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Eze-Center®: A great product that will save you lots of time & trouble.Keep watching for NEW products.

 Catalogue cover

Motor Repair Tools: In the new product line you will find all sorts of the highest quality hand tools and consumable products.

S-K Measuring System®: Simple, repeatable and accurate measurement.Now anyone can measure inside and outside diameters to within .0001 inches or “a tenth”!

Fan Covers: Galvanized Steel Replacement Fan Covers

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