ARC EarthRings

Shaver-Kudell now stocks ARC Earthrings!

ARC Earthrings are not your typical shaft grounding ring. ARC Earthrings are adjustable, meaning you don’t need to spend time trying to figure out which shaft grounding ring works for your application. The table below shows you how easy it is to select your ring:

Click the Information and Instructions image to see just how easy it is to size an ARC Earthring to your shaft size, or click the cart to head to the store and buy the ring you need!

Superior quality, superior technology!

Each holder is equipped with high quality carbon micro fibres and Highly Conductive Gold Micro Fibres (HCGMF).

The HCGMF are 8 times more conductive than traditional carbon brushes and carbon fibres found on competing grounding rings.

The HCGMF‘s superior conductivity can easily be verified with an Ohm meter. Just compare the reading to the competitor’s brushes or fibres!

The HCGMF, being so much more conductive, actually boost the conductivity of the whole ring. This gives you peace of mind knowing that all shaft currents are being diverted away from the bearing.

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