About Us

Shaver-Kudell Manufacturing Inc. was established in 1986 and has advanced as a high-tech manufacturing facility. Since inception, our roots have focused on manufacturing repair parts for electric motors.

Today, the growth has led to larger facilities (140,000 sq. ft. of space) and a comprehensive range of capabilities. Our products include cast iron, steel and insulated sleeves, cast aluminum fans/terminal boxes, plastic fans, hubs, terminal boxes, and the Eze-Sleever® end bell boring machine.  We now also offer a full line of electric motor repair tools and replacement parts.

Our key to rapid growth is customer satisfaction. The increased demand from the marketplace in stringent materials, design and production tolerances accelerated our path to providing the most trusted products in the market.

Engineering proficiencies encompass the following areas of design and/or engineering:

  • tooling
  • machines
  • aluminum die cast molds
  • plastic injection molds

Shaver-Kudell Manufacturing’s expansive role as a leader in technology (CNC/CAD/CAM), knowledge, and competence, strengthens the company’s position as a research, development and trendsetter for today’s industrialized marketplace.

Our customers are established throughout North America, Mexico, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, France, England and Malaysia just to name a few.

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